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Auction Rules and Lot Registration Form
Posted by Michael on 30 March 2010

Buyers and sellers alike will be interested in the rules (pdf) and possibly also the registration form (pdf) for registering auction lots.

Programme Guide PDF
Posted by Jay on 30 March 2010

A PDF of the final Programme Guide booklet can be downloaded by clicking here.

Final Program
Posted by Michael on 16 March 2010

"Swancon - Final Prog.xls" has wound its way from the programmer to my inbox. The program has been updated accordingly.

Newer Draft Program
Posted by Michael on 7 March 2010

The program has been updated from a new spreadsheet fresh from the programmer's thumbdrive.

New Draft Program
Posted by Michael on 6 March 2010

After several hours spent hand-crafting HTML, an updated draft program is now available.

Tin Duck ballot
Posted by Michael on 5 March 2010

A Tin Duck ballot form is now available.

Art Show
Posted by Linda on 17 January 2010

Swancon 2010 are pleased to announce the Art Show. Please view our Art Show page for details on entry and conditions.

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