Your Committee

Co-ChairTodd Rowlands
Co-ChairJohn Green
TreasurerJay Watson
Hotel LiaisonTenille Flower
Guest LiaisonStephen Wroth
ProgrammingJulian Ackermann
GamingCraig Greenbank
Assisting Mark Clews
Darren Greeve
Brett Griggs
Yoli Lawrence
Craig Stephenson
Coreynn Tan
Art ShowDaniel Heald
AwardsAnna Hepworth

With special thanks to the following people for their generous assistance:

Kim Campbell-Watson
Linda Deegan
Michael Deegan
Tania Griggs
Shanan Wroth

Enquiries for the committee may be sent here. Please be sure to make a note in the subject line if the message is for a particular person (ie Attn:Secretary)

Our postal address is as follows:

Attn: Secretary
Swancon 2010
GPO Box G429
Perth WA 6948

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