Cocktail Soirée

Thursday the 1st of April has been designated as a cocktail soiree for attendees to meet our guests. This will be held in Montana A. Nibbles will be provided with drinks purchaseable from the bar. Please come along and meet our guests, make them feel welcome and have a ball with them!


The auction will happen on Friday 2nd of April in Montana A. Buyers and sellers alike will be interested in the rules (pdf) and possibly also the registration form (pdf) for registering auction lots.

Gala Event (Masquerade)

This year's Gala event (aka Masquerade) will take place on Saturday 3rd of April in the Montana Room. As with previous years, Swancon are pleased to announce that the theme for this year's Gala event will be "Monster Mash". The creep and the spooky, the zombies that just won't die, the infectious and the rotten, it's all a Monster Mash!


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