The Swancon 2010 T-Shirt Online Auction


The auction of the t-shirt has begun! To see the listing, please click here.

The bidding for the t-shirt will run until 0000GMT 5 April 2010.

Part-proceeds from the auction of this t-shirt will go to Radio Lollipop at Princess Margaret Hospital For Children.

Karen Allen
Dirk Benedict
Bruce Boxleitner
Doug Bradley
Dan Brereton
Mark Brooks
Luciana Carro
Kylie Chan
Julie Cochrane
Amanda Conner
Jeremy Dale
Robin Dale
Peter David
Bruce Davison
Marianne De Pierres
Casey Edwards
Egg Embry
Stephen Furst
Gil Gerard
Ron Glass
Rob Granito
Erin Gray
Richard Hatch
Kane Hodder
Georges Jeanty


Doug Jones
Alessandro Juliani
Neil Kaplan
Richard A Knaak
Jonathan Maberry
Don Maitz
Lee Martindale
Randy Martinez
Nathan Massengill
Malcolm McDowell
Stewart McKenny
Mike Mignola
Wayne Nicholls
George Perez
Andy Price
John D Ringo
Dwight Schultz
Michael A Stackpole
Ken Steacy
Maggie Stiefvater
S M Stirling
Michael Trucco
Denise Vasquez
Garrett Wang
Janny Wurtz
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